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  1. The 2017 Employee Experience

    In case you missed it – cubicles are out, ping pong tables and espresso machines are in. But while, these gimmicks might give your company a few Instagram posts, will they actually improve the employee experience? Employee Experience is what an employee receives from every aspect of their work environment – from managers to coworkers,…

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  2. Benefits Of A SaaS Solution, Part 2

    Welcome back to our Benefits Of A SaaS Solution series! Before reading forward, if you have not read Part 1 on The Cost Of Entry, I highly recommend you do so. It’s interesting, and important, and applicable, and just a jolly good read. If you have, today we move onward and upward with two incredibly…

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  3. Benefits Of A SaaS Solution, Part 1

    After months or maybe YEARS of consideration, you’ve finally decided that it’s in your company’s best interest to have a mobile application. Admitting that you need an app is the first step, so congrats! We’ve all known that people are using Smartphones, but what’s important to note is that people are spending 90% of that…

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  4. 1,300% Growth… How ManCave Achieved Every Marketer’s Dream

    Yes, that number is correct. In 6 weeks, ManCave grew their app userbase by almost 1,300%, all due to a very successful contesting campaign held within the app. This number is astounding, and while I won’t say how many users they now have, I will say that it increased by thousands and thousands of ManCave…

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  5. The Who. The How. The Good News.

    Everyone knows that the number of mobile phone users has continued to skyrocket, but it’s important to note that user growth is not the only data point that needs attention. While the number of mobile phone users changes with time (the “who”), so is the way in which people are using their devices (the “how”)….

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  6. Why George Foreman’s Fans Were Eager To Engage With Their New Mobile App…

    Every brand has different levels of fandom, ranging from the simple Facebook fan all the way to the highly desirable SuperFan. However, while each level benefits the brand, SuperFans are definitely the most important advocates for any company. SuperFans are your most dedicated followers. They are the group that has history with your brand, loves…

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  7. How Marin CVB Strengthened Their Partnerships With Our Locations Feature

    The Marin Convention and Visitors Bureau is a Tourism Management conglomerate based in Marin County, CA that is primarily made up of tourism-based partners (hotels, restaurants, etc). When Spendsetter initially spoke with Marin CVB about goals for their advocacy marketing platform, it was clear that there was a need to not only use the program…

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  8. The Classifications Of A Brand Fan

    Analyzing brand fandom can be complicated. With endless ways to engage a brand leading to intricate segments of followers, sometimes prioritizing your fans can become overwhelming. To help you more effectively engage your followers, we have broken down the top classifications of a brand fan for you! SuperFan: 4 Stars Your most dedicated fans. The…

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  9. How ManCave Used Advocacy Marketing to Expand to U.S. Market

    Breaking into foreign markets can be difficult for any brand, especially when determining the right strategy and tactics to acquire new fans. ManCave, an up-and-coming leader of men’s grooming products in the U.K., set out to expand into the U.S. market. While the acquisition of new retail partners was moving along successfully, the executive team…

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  10. How Bionic Gloves Increased Direct Revenue from its Digital Marketing Channels

    The Opportunity When it comes to digital marketing, the ultimate goals for any retail brand typically involve bringing in qualified sales leads and higher revenue. As we developed the Bionic Grip Crew advocacy program, our plan needed to not only create a catalyst for existing social media profiles, but also increase revenue opportunities for Bionic…

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