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We Can Put More Heads In Beds

Heads in Beds. The ultimate KPI for any marketing initiative in the Hospitality and Travel industry. With the digital landscape being diluted by other “noise”, it’s become tough to cut through and make sure your brand gets its time in the spotlight… until now.

Spendsetter’s platform not only enables you to strengthen the relationship with current SuperFans of your brand, but it also incentivizes them to share content about your company with their friends and family. Nothing can take the place of word-of-mouth marketing, and with this tool, it’s even easier to spread the good praise of what you have to offer.

  • With consistently creative campaign strategies, the Visit Marin program has increased exposure for Marin County like never before. The geo-location capabilities alone have helped to greatly strengthen their partnerships.

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  • Signature Living is a luxury hotel and hospitality company based out of Liverpool. From setting up an enticing rewards structure and a smart campaign strategy, they have been able to keep their fans engaged all over the world. Our program changes the way the hospitality and travel industries stay in touch with their most loyal visitors.

Just a few of our powerful features:

    Keep SuperFans and all their friends engaged with all types of content you that may interest your followership.


    Using the built-in rewards program, gamify user engagement with the program’s custom achievement badges, levels, and marketplace.


    Help increase growth and awareness by incentivizing your SuperFans to refer your brand and program to their friends & family.


    Report back, analyze, and optimize your program’s successful content based on your findings within the highly-specific and customizable reporting dashboard.

  • And More!

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